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Estate Costume Jewelry Shopping

Let’s face it – us women love to and buying that estate jewelry is no different. Buying estate costume jewelry is a whole lot of fun. Now that said it can also be exciting and very confusing and especially if you are searching for quality affordable estate costume jewelry.

Whether you are shopping for an estate jewelry gift for someone very special or you’ve decide it’s time to treat yourself, you need to know how to get the best estate costume jewelry on the market. These 10 tips will help you get the best buy on the market.

1. If you are looking for an estate costume jewelry piece that is specific you need to be sure to shop around and do some price comparison. By purchasing online you can save a lot and find a great deal. Chances it will be much lower than what local prices can offer.

2. Even estate costume jewelry comes in a variety of qualities. Some very high quality made with the best materials including rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver. Others are made from cut glass, plated metals. Or a host of great materials that are affordable.

3. If you don’t know the return policies ask. Don’t assume anything. If you are buying online read about their policies and if you can’t find them then you need to email and ask.

4. You can buy awesome faux pearl estate costume jewelry and it will fool your toughest critics. And you can relax and wear your fabulous pearl pieces without worrying about loss or damage. Just enjoy them.

5. If you are purchasing designer costume jewelry pieces like Grosse, Trifari, or Cine, ensure the pieces are authentic and you are paying fair market price. Shop around and make sure to shop online.

6. If you aren’t familiar with the company do your homework on the company before you buy. Make sure that you are comfortable with the policies of the company.

7.If you are purchasing online from a company you are unfamiliar with or unsure a good rule of thumb is to never spend more than you are willing to loose.

8. Make sure you have all the details on the estate costume jewelry so that you aren’t surprised. For example don’t assume something is sterling silver unless you’ve been told as such.

9. Make sure you understand the warranties. Many companies give only store credits and will not return your cash. If you don’t like the warranty don’t buy. Their store their rules.

10. If you are purchasing online ask how they ship and when you can expect delivery. This is especially important if you need the fashion costume jewelry for a gift. You don’t want it to arrive late.

Now that you’ve got these 10 tips for estate costume jewelry shopping you should be getting some great buys. So what are you looking for?

Women and Shopping Tips

Shopping is something that most women love to do. Window-shopping is a great past time. The woman takes her time to go from store to store to research and compare store prices. Most women don’t need expert shopping tips because shopping is so natural to them. However, there are some that do.

I think shopping is a talent. Women have even made personal shopping a career where they do other people’s shopping for them and get paid. Doing something that you already love to do and getting paid to do it is truly a dream come true for a personal shopper.

The mall is a popular place where women go to shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, gifts, phones, and household items like bed linen, bathroom rugs, pots, pans, and lamps. Women are passionate about this past time and take pleasure in spending hours and load of cash on buying items that peak their interest or that can fit.

People shop at certain times of the year for gift items. Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, Easter, Mother’s day and Father’s day are some special occasion that calls for shopping for loved ones, friends and coworkers. For birthdays, women shop for their husbands, children or boyfriend. Birthday gifts range from books, clothing, games to spa treatment or dining out. Children’s birthday gifts are easier for women to buy because they usually know that toys, games, books, and clothing are what most children love anyway. Valentines shopping comes with flowers and chocolate as well as a night out on the town.

Christmas is where most women spend their money on family and friends. This is where commercial shopping meets credit card payments. Women go all out to buy items for Christmas gifts and do not consider the aftermath of the bills that follow. The day after Thanksgiving is also a big shopping day for most American women. They get up early in the morning to join a long line of shoppers to purchase discounted items especially jewelry. This sale prepares them to fill up the Christmas gift wrappers and avoid spending more money than necessary. It is sometimes amazing to watch women stampeding and pushing each other the moment the store doors are opened.

Easter is mostly bunnies, eggs, gift baskets and cards. This is the time of year when women get sentimental and get involved with Easter because of their children and because they love the season. Children love to paint eggs and have egg-hunting contest. Women will purchase the eggs and make the pretty gift baskets and bunnies to make their children look good at the school event.

Mother’s day and Father’s day are more personalized. Depending on what the woman’s mother or father loves, that is what she will shop for. A mother may love diamonds, household goods, a mother’s day card, gift certificate, flowers, and a variety of other selections. Fathers may like things like jewelry, apparel, gift certificates and much more. Each woman will know what her parents love and may even shop for something different on occasion.

Holiday Shopping Tips

When shopping for that perfect gift this Holiday Season, don’t get confused by all the sales talk. Here are some definitions for you to keep handy:

Store Policy: Many stores are now required by State and Local Consumer Protection Laws to prominently post their rules regarding sales, returns, and exchanges. Look for the sign (usually behind the cash register desk), read it, and thoroughly understand it before you buy anything. You don’t want to buy a gift for someone if they cannot return or exchange it.

Final Sale: Final means final. Once you buy a final sale item, it cannot be returned. If you are unsure, don’t buy final sale items as gifts. In most stores, it is always final sale on swimsuits, lingerie, and sleepwear.

Me “Look”: Leather-look doesn’t mean leather, silky or silk-like doesn’t mean silk, a suede finish is not suede. “Designer” doesn’t necessarily mean it was designed by anyone you ever heard of. Watch out for such descriptive terms – and take a closer look before you buy.

As Is merchandise has been roughed up by previous customers. Expect missing buttons, broken zippers, falling hems, split seams, snags, tears, and generally bad condition. Sales are final on as is merchandise, and you wouldn’t want to buy anything “as is” as a gift anyways.

A splash of jewelry can brighten any Holiday outfit, even casual ones:

Jewel Necklines: Chokers that are dramatic and equal in size all the way around create a sensational, tailored look.

Scoop Necklines: This neckline is perfect for spotlighting vintage chokers, as well as chains, pearls, and drop pendants. A scoop neckline can also be worn with long chains, but always wear your necklace at least 3-4 inches below the neckline.

V-Neck Necklines: A V-neckline is the perfect frame for 18″ drop pendants. Wearing them creates a repetition of the V neckline, a characteristic of the popular classic style.

Collar: For a casual look, open the collar and wear a simple choker or 18″ chain. For a dressy look, wear a longer necklace tucked under the collar, or button the collar and wear a pin.

Turtleneck: This neckline is usually found on solid colors, which makes it great for showcasing dramatic jewelry. The best choices for this neckline are 24″ and longer. Don’t wear a necklace that’s too short.

Create a quiet space in your room; even if it’s just a corner that is purely for relaxing- like writing in your journal, or mediating. If you have a place to unwind before bed, you’ll sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

Great Shopping Tips

Sure, I enjoy stuffing my car trunk with bags of fabulous finds on occasions. But finding fabulous finds without breaking the bank brings greater pleasure. Let’s face it, it’s a new economy and many are looking for creative, cost saving ways to spend less while scoring more. That’s why I thrift. I make. I retail (in that order… lol). Here are 5 tips to help you score fabulous finds and build that fabulous wardrobe at a fraction of the cost.

1. Shop Off Season – Some of the best deals you can ever score happens when you scourer the racks at your favorite stores off-season. This means shopping for summer clothes in the winter. Applying this basic shopping principle can save you anywhere from 50-75% off the original price. The downside to this is that your options may be no easy pickings. Often times, these racks would have been rummaged through before you would have had you chance. Calling your favorite stores to find out when they do their off-season mark downs could help you get first dibs.

2. Consider Thrifting – Thrifting or consignment shopping is part of my fashion shopping routine. I find great pleasure in scouring the consignment universe for fabulous vintage and designer items at exceptional steals. If the concept of finding amazing fabulous finds on a budget soothes your soul as well as your wallet; then thrift or consignment boutique shopping is certainly for you. While thrifting isn’t for everyone, if you have patience and are willing to leave any preconceived notions behind—-you can walk away with fabulous fashion finds. Online consignment boutiques like,,, and have amazing deals and inventory.

3. Shop Red – The first stop when I enter a store is the clearance rack. I’m going straight to those racks seeking out those price tags with the red line going straight through the original prices. Many times I fulfill my retail therapy right in the clearance sections; making it easier for me to avoid the rest of the store.

4. Invest in Staples – Investing in staple must-haves provide more styling flexibility and more options in your wardrobe building process. There are some items that you absolutely need readily available in your closet. These make up the basis of your wardrobe; they’re the must haves, no matter what your style – they are the wardrobe essentials. They are versatile, classic and of great quality. Items such as a pencil skirt, black blazer, great pair of jeans, a LBD and a classic black handbag all fall under this category. Starting out with these staple basics gives you the opportunity to mix-and-match, while creating the illusion of an expansive wardrobe.

5. Shop Discount Designer Stores – If you love bargain shopping like I do, you may want to consider frequenting some of these discount retail stores when going on your next shopping spree. Stores like TJMaxx,,,, Neiman Marcus Last Call and Marshalls to name a few are great bargain stores with fabulous designer brands at exceptional prices.

Saving Money Grocery Shopping

With inflation and food prices rising, saving money grocery shopping can seem like an uphill battle. However, there are certainly a few key tips you can use to make sure you stick within your budget with money to spare. Here are 5 of the best tips for saving money at the grocery store…

1. Stick to the Perimeters

Healthy eaters already know that the perimeters of the store are the places to be, but this applies double to people trying to save money grocery shopping! Instead of cruising the center aisles for pre-packaged and processed items, stick to the sections on the outer edges of the store where raw or unprepared ingredients are sold. These include the produce section, the meat counter, the bakery, and the dairy.

2. Don’t Shop Hungry!

I’ve worked at a grocery store, and I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard shoppers say, “I shouldn’t have come here hungry!” Make sure you have a full stomach when you go to the grocery store, so you don’t end up shopping with your appetite instead of your brain. You’ll avoid impulsively buying tasty-looking items that you don’t really need.

3. Sales, not Coupons

Clipping coupons is fine if you have the extra time, but it’s not nearly as good for saving money grocery shopping as simply looking out for sales. You can save 30, 40, and even 50 percent on your grocery bill if you stick to buying the produce items and cuts of meat that are on sale that week. If you eat a lot of meat or fish, ask your butcher about upcoming sales so you can plan your meals accordingly.

4. Buy in Season

In the age of preservatives and quick transportation, you can get almost any fruit or vegetable year-round. However, that doesn’t mean you should! If you want veggies that are both delicious and affordable, learn the basics on seasonal produce and shop accordingly. You’ll end up with more delicious fruits and veggies, as well, since stuff that’s grown closer to home has more time to mature on the vine, in the ground, or on the tree.

5. Be Flexible

Most people trying to save money on grocery shopping make a list and rigidly stick to it every time they go shopping. This discipline is all well and good, but it may not be necessary. As long as you have a basic but flexible list of the things you need and the meals you want to make, you’ll avoid making impulse buys. You should remain flexible on the details to take advantage of sales you see when you arrive at the store. Just because you have ground beef on your list doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the 3.99 per pound sirloin steak sale!

Black Friday Shopping Survival Tips

It’s the hugest, silliest and craziest shopping day of the year and it’s almost here. This time of year is exciting & thoroughly exhausting all at the same time. There will be aisles jammed with steal mongers and long lines leading to department stores’ cash registers to purchase those once a year bargains. Follow our top 5 survival tips for Black Friday shopping (you’re going to need this):

1. Catalog and web plus size retailers (such as Woman Within and Roamans) do pay attention to both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so that usually means a whole weekend of great deals on plus size apparel. Watch for some amazing coupons as our insiders say this Black Friday will be spectacular! Visit Plus Size Steals for sale announcements.
2. Avoid midnight department shopping. Stores love to use sales starting at midnight as marketing stunts but often times those sales disappoint. We want to make sure we have a good night’s rest for early morning shopping.
3. Have a game-plan. Start by mapping out the store the day before Thanksgiving. Let’s say you’re looking for a limited stock 45 inch TV- it’ll be useful to know where the electronics department lives within the store.
4. Create a ‘grocery list’ of items that you’re targeting. Having a hand written list is always helpful with time management.
5. Bring friends. Shopping is a social experience so why not enjoy it with friends? Besides, you’ll need someone to complain to about the pushy people and long lines!

Follow these tips and you’ll have a clear advantage on Black Friday.

Tips in Avoiding Shopping Hassles Online

Getting the best Internet deals doesn’t only mean being able to find the items that you want at the lowest possible price. A great offer online also means being provided with satisfactory customer support whenever you need one, on-time delivery service, and a reasonable return/exchange policy, among others. It should be a good value for your money, time, and effort. To help you avoid hassles and headaches, here are some tips that will be useful when buying online.

The safest way to shop is to go to well-known store chains that have also established themselves well on the Internet. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore other shopping sites where you may be able to find much bigger discounts, free shipping, and other better offers. You just need to be discerning about the sites you go into.

Be sure that the site doesn’t look shady. Underdeveloped sites may not intentionally provide bad products and service, but they may have malfunctioning checkout pages and unsecure payment systems. Beware also of deals that seem too good to be true. If you’re thinking of buying from a site that’s outside of the list of major retailers, see if the site has a customers’ forum. If there’s quite a good number of customers (who seem to be legitimate consumers) giving positive feedback about the site, then go ahead.

If possible, shop online while you’re using your secure connection at home. Avoid purchasing from the Internet while using a connection in a café or in your office. An unsecure connection presents a bigger risk of someone else retrieving your personal information, especially your bank and credit card details.

You can also shield yourself from scams and other troubles associated with online shopping if you make sure your PC is equipped with a secure browser and updated anti-virus program, anti-spyware, spam filters, and other important security tools. All these you need to check before shopping for anything – even from a reputable store chain.

Another thing you should make sure of when buying from any shopping site is a vendor’s return and exchange policies, as well as delivery terms. Since items that you buy online will be shipped to you, anything can happen during delivery. Be sure about what the vendor says about these things. If necessary, call their customer support prior to ordering anything.

Before you start shopping on the Internet, consider these tips first so that you’ll surely get the best Internet deals, not just in terms of price, but also in service and other aspects that will make you a truly satisfied customer.

Finding the Best and Safest Online Shopping Deals

The internet has become a very large market where thousands of stores sell all the merchandise that is demanded by customers, and millions prefer to shop online rather than to get stuck in traffic, spend precious time to find a suitable parking spot and then wait in big lines to pay for what they purchased.

Furthermore, online shopping allows the buyer to visit as many virtual stores as he/she wants, and to choose and compare between a large variety of products and prices, without even leaving the house.

So if you aren’t doing it yet, start shopping online and you’ll soon discover that the advantages of doing it make old-fashioned shopping a waste of time and even of money. It’s fun, safe, and practical, so give it a try and you’ll have a pleasant surprise.

Whether you’re doing it for a long time or you’ve just started, you need to know a few tips and tricks about online shopping in order to make sure that you find the best deals and save as much as possible. Here are a few things that you always need to remember when you’re browsing the huge online market to find the best products, either for yourself or for your family and friends:

-research a little about the website that you’re planning to order from. Some websites contain reviews about many other online shopping stores. If you see that they are positive then you can try to order a cheap item and see if everything is done by the book. After making sure, you can start ordering more items.

-know all the information about the items and their prices, make sure you find out all the details, the whole price, including other taxes and shipping fees, in how many days will your purchased item arrive, if it can be returned, and other useful info. If you want to find the lowest shipping fees and the shortest waiting time then order from a shop that is in your country.

-always compare the prices from multiple stores and make sure that you select the best offer. Also look for discounts, special offers, and low shipping fees.

-use a credit card when buying, because it is the safest way to pay for an item. You have the right to cancel your payment if you discover that you have been tricked and you keep a proof of how much you should have been charged for. It is a good idea to print the page after ordering and paying for something. Credit card information is encrypted and coded so that hackers or others can’t access it.

-read the security policies and refund policies before ordering something, so that you know who you’re dealing with.

If you follow the simple rules mentioned above you’ll never be cheated and you’ll always find the best deal. The variety of merchandise that can be found online greatly exceeds the one that can be found in a single shop, and the online shopping market is continuously growing, most of the large companies have moved their businesses online and many prefer not to waste the time and money lost when visiting non-virtual stores, so soon online shopping will be the only method of shopping for most people, so always try to remember the tips above for the perfect shopping session.

Things You Can Get From Designer Shops

Anyone who is a fan of home improvement or home design and fashion should check out some designer shops. They offer the most colorful things from cushions or pillows to mobile phone cases and more. You can have a well-decorated, colorful and yet relaxing home with some of the items from the designer shops so you shouldn’t miss out on them.

A lot of these shops now have online sites that you can visit. You’ll definitely be surprised at what you can find there. Here are some of the things that you can find in these online and perhaps even offline designer shops:

  1. Cushions or pillows. There are different styles of the cushions that you can find in some designer shops whether they are online or offline. You can choose from any of those that you can find there. Some should have some interesting quotes on them while others have interesting drawings or scribbles such as those of giraffes and more. You can opt for something playful to bring home with you when you’ve browsed through one shop and decided to buy at least one or two cushions from them for your home.
  2. Mobile phone cases. There are decorative iPhone cases that can also be found in these shops. Your phone could get even more stylish with cases from these shops. Try and visit them and you might find other cases for other kinds of phones aside from the iPhone.
  3. Accessories. Wallets, bags, these are some of the things in one’s closet that are timeless and can be worn with just about anything given they are on the right, versatile color. One should be able to find these in the designer shops as well. You can visit these shops selling designer things you can tote around while you are on a lunch or a dinner date or when you are catching up with friends in the bars. These among others can liven up your life and your home when you make the right choices.

You might be able to find some accessories, cushions, colorful mobile phone cases particularly those for the iPhone you regularly carry with you that you can buy from those shops. You don’t have to go elsewhere to find playful, colorful things you can add to your home with.

Tourists and locals alike can’t go out of shops empty handed after just a visit. Some might even want to visit these places more for their designer needs for home and more.

Insight Into the Online Jewellery Shopping by Women

Every age group of women does jewellery shopping either for varied occasions, to wear at their workplaces or for young girls in their college. One can usually see that women choose the latest trends that are in fashion in recent times so that they can be the center of attraction as they walk down on any occasion. With the advent of modern technology, the procuring of superb jewellery like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, etc. have become much easier. In addition, it saves lots of time. The jewellery shopping for Women has now become comfortable, and they can choose from the wide variety of fashionable designs available in the market.

Benefit of buying Online Jewellery

The investment in the jewellery is for a lifetime, and it can be platinum, diamond or gold as it remains with you for your whole life. In many events, it is seen that the traditional and classic jewellery is passed on from one generation to another symbolizing their family traditions.

However, this is the 21st century period, so women do not have to ply to market and bargain for a number of hours with jewelers to settle for a good price. The online jewellery shopping has changed the scenario of modern-day purchases as one can have a look at varied styles and designs. Moreover, various shopping sites provide reasonable rates for the same. Here are some of its benefits:

• You can find many designer pieces at excellent prices online that are otherwise with same patterns sold in the shopping malls or the showrooms are offered at higher prices.

• While doing online shopping you will not only find good prices but also the jewellery can be purchased in your favorite pieces of diamond, platinum or gold. You can choose from varied newer designs, patterns, handcrafted products online etc., that too at great prices and at discounted rates.

• Most of the women get afraid for the jewellery they are shopping from internet especially in the case of precious metals and stones and one does not have to worry as it comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee. The jewellery has a certification that certifies that it is approved by the government, the product is 100% genuine and no defect will occur.

• If you are planning to present your near and dear ones, then also one can buy latest jewellery online from these sites preferably from their gift section. From here, one can shop for the ideal jewellery designs that are mentioned for the every age group and can be ordered in bulk too. This will help you in paying less for most of the items.

• Even the customers also get the benefit of replacement or return of the product in case of any damage, and they also get the money-back guarantee too if you are not satisfied with your product.

Lastly, it can be seen that by using the modern platform of online shopping the women have got comfort, can choose from various patterns, afford the jewellery made from precious metals and can use them for several occasions.