Drive Quality Traffic to Your eBay Alternative Online Store

Selling online is not as simple as creating an online store and waiting for orders, especially if you are on an eBay alternative site that’s not so popular. For robust growth, you need to promote your store. How to do that?

Here are three simple things which will bring you immediate traffic as well as a long-term following

1. Share what you know about your product

You know a lot about your product. Do some research online and offline about your product and its competitive benefits. Make notes on issues people face while using your product, or competitive offerings. Start picking each problem individually. Suggest possible solutions. It can be fun if you love researching about your product’s strengths and competitive weaknesses. Your suggestions should be brief – less than 250-500 words. Develop a good title for your tip by looking at search terms on Google, to see what problems users’ search queries are being directed at. Make sure your content is useful, not hype. If you don’t enjoy writing, or are not sure your material is publication-ready, show it to someone in your family or business.

Now you have an article that helps your customers. Submit it for people to read. Where? Search for free article submission sites, Focus on sites that have high natural search rankings. Choose the appropriate category and submit your article. Avoid links in the article. Identify who you are, and say a little about your store with a link to it. In so doing, you are providing value, as well as driving traffic to your site.

2. Join discussions

By now, you have researched the competitive landscape, and know your product’s strengths. To help users in real time, join the discussions about your product category, and help people address their problems in real time. Look for forums and blogs on your product category. You can probably find several in your category through a simple search. Read the discussion threads carefully. Comment if you have a useful suggestion. You can even start new threads on problems and solutions not being discussed, if they will be helpful. Make sure you are to the point and precise. You will know when to insert a link to your online store. D not do that when in doubt. If you are seen as a spammer, you will lose, not gain.

3. Socialize, the traffic is viral and instant

Facebook has over 500 million users. You probably have hundreds of friends and acquaintances, including customers. Each of these folks have hundreds of friends, and so on. If one of your friends likes your online store and your comments, and shows it to hundreds of his friends, if what you said is useful, you may start an avalanche. If you use your natural network to share your ideas, you will propagate your message usefully with little effort.

Many businesses nowadays have business pages on social media sites. Find ones that relate to your store and products. Join their discussions, and where useful, invite readers to what you have to offer. Be true and genuine to your audience. The rest will fall in place.

Do these three simple things regularly. It is fun. At the same time, you will win customers.