Seeing My Wife Dressing Up for Date Night Got Me All Philosophical

My wife was getting dressed to go out on our date night. She looks amazing without having to spend a fortune on clothes. She keeps me and the kids looking great even though we have a limited clothing budget. I would like to buy her all the jewelry and clothing accessories she would ever want, but we have a mortgage, two car payments, student loans we are still paying off and kids. I watched as she put her diamond choker on with her dress. I am so lucky to have her as she is beautiful. I looked closely at the lines of her neck as they flowed down to her shoulders. She is strong and gorgeous.

I was putting on my shirt and looked at my skin in the mirror. I have some scrapes, scars and a couple of small bruises. I get paid good for using my mind and body working outside. I’m still young but feel a little grit sometimes in my shoulder when I move my arms, and I feel quite beat up by the time Fridays roll around. My wife has a couple of stretch marks that were a gift from our two children. I see her check them in the mirror like they trouble her. I see them as medals of honor not unlike the scar on my arm when I held a coworker from falling off of a scaffold and I needed surgery afterwards.

Our date nights are special to us. We wear the same outfits for every one of them, and we make sure to at least go once a month even if the timing is not great and our schedules are hectic. Grandparents make great babysitters, and we don’t mind taking advantage of them for that. I have been saving up to get my wife that new dress and shoes I saw saved for later viewing in the web browser, and I want to get her a matching diamond choker to go with them.